The story of a red plush dragon and his friends.

Red dragons are fab!

Friday, 31 December 2010

My Christmas Jumper

I thought you would all like to see my lovely new jumper that mummy knitted for me for Christmas. She stayed up really late on Christmas Eve so it would be finished in time. It's got a lovely ladybird button on the back where it fastens at the neck over my wings.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Chocolate Christmas stuff!

Look what we got. You can tell it's Christmas because there's all sorts of good stuff about.

The box had all sorts of odd things in it so we had to read the instructions to find out what to do with them all.

There was a bag of chocolate buttons and Moo said we should eat them but the instructions said melt them and pour it into the plastic thing.

When the chocolate set it came out in Christmas shapes and then I had to decorate them with the tube of red stuff and the silver balls.

The others let me do the decorating because I'm the arty one. Well I do lots of painting and stuff so they said I wouldn't make so much mess. And I think Moo was too busy eating the leftover chocolate!

After they were finished we put them in little bags and hung them on the tree. This is a cross-eyed reindeer!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Yuletide preparations

We've been getting ready for Yule and we've been helping with decorations and wrapping pressies and things. As a special treat Unclclcelcele Kevin took us to our favourite diner because we've been good.

We got given some crackers.

Inside there were jokes and pressies and party hats.

Moo was given a balloon too!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

When's Sandra coming?

Mummy says Yule is coming and we do Yule as well as Christmas and that means we get to have two lots of presents AND a advent calendar. That helps us to count down till Sandra Claws comes.

Unclclclel Kevin got us ones with chocolate in. Bamburgh and me are sharing the Thomas the Tank Engine one. Bamburgh likes Thomas.

Moo and his brothers are sharing the Toy Story one. Moo likes Toy Story. They don't argue over who gets the chocolate. They all have a suck.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wonderful weekend

We have had a really fun weekend. First off we went to work with Mummy again and this time we took Bill with us.

Mummy let him look at his photo on my blog from before.

Then we all went off to a hotel and met up with Moo and Morris and Rolly and Mummy gave us a bag of chocolate eyeballs because it's Hallo Ian this weekend.

We had a great bed to sleep in. Bamburgh fell asleep even before we got into it!

On Saturday we went off to see a special museum about spies and stuff. We found this badge with a Wyvern on. They are related to dragons.

There was this teddy bear there as well. He used to live in the house that the museum's in now. There were people living there that used to do stuff with codes and one of them had this teddy. His name was Half Pint.

There was a special bit of the museum about how brave pigeons helped to stop a war. They carried messages from places where the bad soldiers were so that the good soldiers could rescue people and stuff.

Then there was a computer museum too and we didn't know that there used to be computers called after us!

Monday, 25 October 2010

At the office

Today we are at work with Mummy helping in her office.

Mummy has a big meeting coming up in London and she has to make up lots of packages with papers and stuff in them to give to all the people. she is putting all the papers into big envolopes and all of them have to have a sticker on them so that the people know who the parcel is from and we helped by putting the stickers on the envolopes. Bamburgh was really good at peeling the stickers off the sheet and so I held up the envelope so he could stick the sticker on. We had to be really careful to make sure they were straight. They had bunnies on. They are nice stickers.

Because we've been good and helpful Mummy said we could play with some staionery stuff and we found her store of paper clips. We had LOADS of fun sticking them all together then Bamburgh tried to tie me up in them. He found a funny looking paper clip that was red and looked a bit like a ray gun so we pretended we were playing space ships and I think I was supposed to be an alien monster in chains.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Nice day out

It was a nice day today and so Mummy and Unclcle Kevin took us out for the afternoon. We went for a lovely walk in the county near a big lake thingy called Fore Mark. We saw lots of lovely things. The trees were all pretty colours and there were ducks and grebey birds and gulls and stuff. And boats.

After we finished walking round the lake we went and had a sandwich and a cup of tea and we sat in the sunshine looking at the lake. Then it started raining so we came home.

Monday, 11 October 2010

We went to see the Welsh dragons!

We have been to Wales to see a load of dragons that were on show all over the town. They were HUGE and lots of artists had painted them in different colours.

This one was really spotty. We liked him!

This one ws dark and mysterious. We really liked him.

All of them had this message at the bottom. Unclclecle Kevin thought it would be funny if I sat on it!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The arrival of Nessie

While we were out Mr Postman called and left a note to say there was a parcel. We had to go out in the rain to fetch it from the post office.

It was a very PINK parcel so we knew from our friend This Bear that it was our new sister Nessie!

In case we didn't realise there was a note introducing her that was written on a nice card with a cat on it.

And suddenly she burst out of her pink parcel. She's very pink too - and she's a bit bigger than me.

We have some big cousins that live with us and I figured that she'd be OK with them. There's Ginger and Welton and Rhys and Draig and Red.

She seems to have settled in OK. Ginger has been talking to her all evening. I have no idea what about but they're getting on really well.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

We got a postcard!

We had a really nice surprise this weekend when this great postcard arrived. It's from our friend Dennis Pendragon. We really like teddy bears and that one in fancy dress looks funny! We dress up sometimes when we have parties and things. I've never had a costume as fancy as that one though.
Thank you Dennis!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

I got a parcel!

I got a wonderful surprise this morning when the postman came. There was a REALLY BIG LETTER addressed to me! Whoever is it from, I thought.

I had forgotten that Morris Cat had offered me a book about Custard the Dragon that his Gaby had drawn pictures for. Doesn't it look wonderful? There was a lovely card in with it too.

I had never read the poem before although I had heard of Custard the Dragon. The realio trulio little pet dragon. I think Gaby's picture of Custard is very good.

Poor Custard thought he was scared and he wanted to stay safe in a cage. All his friends were rude to him because they thought he was a coward.

But when a bad pirate turned up and threatened them all the others ran away. Custard was very brave and ate the pirate!

Thank you Morris and Gaby for my lovely present!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

A place called Plush

We went to a village called Plush. I think they named it specially for us. It was near the rude man. Unclcecle Kevin says there are only two places called Plush in the whole wide world and the other one is in Oregon. That's in Merica.
We sat on the sign to have our pictures taken because it is so special to have a Plush village all to ourselves.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lots of boats and a brown island

We have been on lots of boats today because we went to a little brown island in the sea with squirrels. We saw two squirrels but we didn't get pictures because they run really fast but it was nice to see them. And a deer. And lots of dragon flies. We had fun on the brown sea island.

First we had to go on a big boat on chains that took us from here over to the Poole place then we had to catch another boat from the Poole place to the brown sea island and then we walked round and had a sandwich and a cup of tea and crisps (chips to my Merican friends) and then we did it all again backwards.

While we were on the yellow boat from the brown island we saw the boat on chains crossing the bit between here and over there. It seemed like we went round in circles a lot but it was on boats so we didn't mind!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

We are on holiday!

I can't stop long because we don't have much Internet signal thingy but I thought I'd just like to say to everyone we are having a good time on our holidays. We went to see ever such a rude man and I tried to stop Bamburgh seeing because he is far too little to see that sort of thing but he looked out round the sides. We all laughed a lot when we saw the man with no trousers!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Been painting again

I've been having a go at Wanda's Art Challenge again. I tried last week's but it was a horse and it was VERY HARD so I didn't show it to anyone. But this week it was lots of nice birds. We have been out to a farm place today and seen lots of nice birds and I thought I would like to paint one when I got home.

This is a White Crown Sparrow. I think they are American birds because I have never seen a blue sparrow before.

On the way home from the farm place we stopped off for stuff to eat at the diner. We had nunnion rings. Bamburgh loves nunnion rings.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Weekend stuff

We didn't have any plans for this weekend but we had lots of fun anyway. First of all we went shopping with mummy and Unclclcelcle Kevin and there was this huge shopping place in Lester and there was this exhibition thing with big models of bugs. They were very clever and they moved and this big locust thingy started to take off and spread its wings out but it was a bit scary.

When we got home mummy said we needed some new clothes for our holidays. I've already had a new mushroomy shirt and a waistcoat but Bamburgh hadn't had anyting new for AGES and he really likes clothes. Mummy made him a really smart new shirt with cars and lorries and things on. He likes it a lot. But he says he needs a new waistcoat to go with it now!

She made Roly a whole new outfit because so far he's only had other people's old clothes and one new waistcoat. I think he looks really smart and grown-up.

Then this morning when we got up we went out into the garden because it was sunny and mummy was hanging washing out and we went to check on our pumpkin plants and guess what? We got one! It's still little and mummy says it'll be ages before it grows big enough to make a Hallo Ian lantern out of it. But we're dead excited about it!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Dressing up

I've not written in my blog lately so I thought I would spend some time on it while it's raining outside. It looks like the sun is going to come out later though so I can go out and play when the ground is dry. Having plush so close to the floor and a draggy tail is complicated when it rains. I get very soggy!

So anyway. I thought I would tell you about dressing up. Me and my brother and my friends and my cousins do it a lot. Mummy makes us great costumes for when we have parties or if there is a special day liker Easter or Hallo Ian.

One year at Hallo Ian me and Bamburgh dressed up as wizards. I was Hairy Porter and he was Rincewind. Moo came as a mummy. Not MY mummy - the bandagey kind.

We have done all kinds of costumes for birthday parties. There was once when we dressed up like Robin Hood and his merry men and went to Sherwood forest and saw the big tree and everything and had a picnic in the woods. We even wore Robin Hood hats once to watch it on TV!

We like the Pirate films with Captain Jack in them and so one year we did a pirates party and mummy made us proper costumes with frills on and stuff and I had an earring in my ear and we both had swords but they were pretend ones so we wouldn't hurt each other.

When we went to Scotland mummy made us tartan skirts to wear. She said they were called kilts but they looked like skirts and she said it was OK for boy dragons to wear them. Moo had one as well so we figured it was alright because he isn't a girly kind of cow.