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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wonderful weekend

We have had a really fun weekend. First off we went to work with Mummy again and this time we took Bill with us.

Mummy let him look at his photo on my blog from before.

Then we all went off to a hotel and met up with Moo and Morris and Rolly and Mummy gave us a bag of chocolate eyeballs because it's Hallo Ian this weekend.

We had a great bed to sleep in. Bamburgh fell asleep even before we got into it!

On Saturday we went off to see a special museum about spies and stuff. We found this badge with a Wyvern on. They are related to dragons.

There was this teddy bear there as well. He used to live in the house that the museum's in now. There were people living there that used to do stuff with codes and one of them had this teddy. His name was Half Pint.

There was a special bit of the museum about how brave pigeons helped to stop a war. They carried messages from places where the bad soldiers were so that the good soldiers could rescue people and stuff.

Then there was a computer museum too and we didn't know that there used to be computers called after us!


  1. So, what do chocolate eyeballs taste like?

  2. Be grayte time! Grayte time owt!
    Did Bear smell bad?
    Bob say yewst to noe Bear calld Half Pint.

  3. Eldritch - you look lovely in your coat...and you were near us this weekend - next time, let me know!!

  4. Wow what a great weekend and I love your red coat.