The story of a red plush dragon and his friends.

Red dragons are fab!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wonderful weekend

We have had a really fun weekend. First off we went to work with Mummy again and this time we took Bill with us.

Mummy let him look at his photo on my blog from before.

Then we all went off to a hotel and met up with Moo and Morris and Rolly and Mummy gave us a bag of chocolate eyeballs because it's Hallo Ian this weekend.

We had a great bed to sleep in. Bamburgh fell asleep even before we got into it!

On Saturday we went off to see a special museum about spies and stuff. We found this badge with a Wyvern on. They are related to dragons.

There was this teddy bear there as well. He used to live in the house that the museum's in now. There were people living there that used to do stuff with codes and one of them had this teddy. His name was Half Pint.

There was a special bit of the museum about how brave pigeons helped to stop a war. They carried messages from places where the bad soldiers were so that the good soldiers could rescue people and stuff.

Then there was a computer museum too and we didn't know that there used to be computers called after us!

Monday, 25 October 2010

At the office

Today we are at work with Mummy helping in her office.

Mummy has a big meeting coming up in London and she has to make up lots of packages with papers and stuff in them to give to all the people. she is putting all the papers into big envolopes and all of them have to have a sticker on them so that the people know who the parcel is from and we helped by putting the stickers on the envolopes. Bamburgh was really good at peeling the stickers off the sheet and so I held up the envelope so he could stick the sticker on. We had to be really careful to make sure they were straight. They had bunnies on. They are nice stickers.

Because we've been good and helpful Mummy said we could play with some staionery stuff and we found her store of paper clips. We had LOADS of fun sticking them all together then Bamburgh tried to tie me up in them. He found a funny looking paper clip that was red and looked a bit like a ray gun so we pretended we were playing space ships and I think I was supposed to be an alien monster in chains.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Nice day out

It was a nice day today and so Mummy and Unclcle Kevin took us out for the afternoon. We went for a lovely walk in the county near a big lake thingy called Fore Mark. We saw lots of lovely things. The trees were all pretty colours and there were ducks and grebey birds and gulls and stuff. And boats.

After we finished walking round the lake we went and had a sandwich and a cup of tea and we sat in the sunshine looking at the lake. Then it started raining so we came home.

Monday, 11 October 2010

We went to see the Welsh dragons!

We have been to Wales to see a load of dragons that were on show all over the town. They were HUGE and lots of artists had painted them in different colours.

This one was really spotty. We liked him!

This one ws dark and mysterious. We really liked him.

All of them had this message at the bottom. Unclclecle Kevin thought it would be funny if I sat on it!