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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Funny names and stuff in Bristol

We have been away for the weekend because mummy had to go to a wedding but we got to have a lovely day out in a place called brizzle. We had to go over a really big bridge to get there because the wedding was in Wales. Mummy said that Ruthie would like Brizztol because it had lots of old America stuff.
We parked the car up in a big place near the  motorway and we got a long bus into town and it was so huge it had to bend in the middle to go round corners.

There was a man called John Cabot who had a boat called Matthew which is a silly name for a boat but it was only little because there was a replica of it next to a statue of him and we went to see them and we wanted to go on the boat but they had a special party going on so we couldn't.

The building behind where the statue was used to be a warehouse where they stored stuff that came into the town off the boats and now it's an art gallery but we only went and had a coffee there because it was a nice day and mummy said we needed to be outside after being cooped up in a wedding all day before.

Then we went to another bit of town and we found lots of statues there and one of them was a man called Archie who was born in Bristol but went off to Merica and changed his name to be an actor and they all know him as Cary Grant which is another funny name.

There are lots of nice places to eat in Brisztle but we found this great market called St Nicholas which is also a funny name because that's what Santa's real name was and it isn't Christmas. But anyway we had lunch there because there were lots of places to choose from and we had Carribbean and it was curry goat and rice and peas and vegetables and we really enjoyed it.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ruthie and the sculptures

You all know that we have Ruthie staying with us don't you? She's going to come to Wales with us next month but we're showing her some good stuff round home too. Every year we go to a place called Lester Botany Gardens, but they spell it Leicester Botanic, to see some sculpture stuff and we like looking at them because they are art but there are pretty flowers and trees and stuff too.

Most of this year's sculptures were really big so it was hard to get pictures of them but we found one that looked a bit like a piece of origami but was made out of stone. We got chance to have a good look at it up close.

They give you a map of the gardens so you make sure you see all of the sculptures and we stopped half way to check where we were. It was good fun.

There's a website where you can look it all up if yo like.