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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Been painting again

I've been having a go at Wanda's Art Challenge again. I tried last week's but it was a horse and it was VERY HARD so I didn't show it to anyone. But this week it was lots of nice birds. We have been out to a farm place today and seen lots of nice birds and I thought I would like to paint one when I got home.

This is a White Crown Sparrow. I think they are American birds because I have never seen a blue sparrow before.

On the way home from the farm place we stopped off for stuff to eat at the diner. We had nunnion rings. Bamburgh loves nunnion rings.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Weekend stuff

We didn't have any plans for this weekend but we had lots of fun anyway. First of all we went shopping with mummy and Unclclcelcle Kevin and there was this huge shopping place in Lester and there was this exhibition thing with big models of bugs. They were very clever and they moved and this big locust thingy started to take off and spread its wings out but it was a bit scary.

When we got home mummy said we needed some new clothes for our holidays. I've already had a new mushroomy shirt and a waistcoat but Bamburgh hadn't had anyting new for AGES and he really likes clothes. Mummy made him a really smart new shirt with cars and lorries and things on. He likes it a lot. But he says he needs a new waistcoat to go with it now!

She made Roly a whole new outfit because so far he's only had other people's old clothes and one new waistcoat. I think he looks really smart and grown-up.

Then this morning when we got up we went out into the garden because it was sunny and mummy was hanging washing out and we went to check on our pumpkin plants and guess what? We got one! It's still little and mummy says it'll be ages before it grows big enough to make a Hallo Ian lantern out of it. But we're dead excited about it!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Dressing up

I've not written in my blog lately so I thought I would spend some time on it while it's raining outside. It looks like the sun is going to come out later though so I can go out and play when the ground is dry. Having plush so close to the floor and a draggy tail is complicated when it rains. I get very soggy!

So anyway. I thought I would tell you about dressing up. Me and my brother and my friends and my cousins do it a lot. Mummy makes us great costumes for when we have parties or if there is a special day liker Easter or Hallo Ian.

One year at Hallo Ian me and Bamburgh dressed up as wizards. I was Hairy Porter and he was Rincewind. Moo came as a mummy. Not MY mummy - the bandagey kind.

We have done all kinds of costumes for birthday parties. There was once when we dressed up like Robin Hood and his merry men and went to Sherwood forest and saw the big tree and everything and had a picnic in the woods. We even wore Robin Hood hats once to watch it on TV!

We like the Pirate films with Captain Jack in them and so one year we did a pirates party and mummy made us proper costumes with frills on and stuff and I had an earring in my ear and we both had swords but they were pretend ones so we wouldn't hurt each other.

When we went to Scotland mummy made us tartan skirts to wear. She said they were called kilts but they looked like skirts and she said it was OK for boy dragons to wear them. Moo had one as well so we figured it was alright because he isn't a girly kind of cow.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My mum's written about me in her blog

My mum has her own blog you know.
And she writes about dragon stuff.

She's done some things about me this week.
You can find it here.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

We went to a toilet museum!

We went out yesterday to go to the diner but we got there early and so we had to go and have a look round the town. Mummy said we had to do history and we were a bit upset till we found out it was the history of toilets! They used to make them near where the diner is. Whoever knew that?
They made them in these funny looking buildings that are made out of bricks but are cone shaped and the museum is inside one of them.

They made all sorts of other things in the cone building too. We found this HUGE stripy teapot but there wasn't any tea in it.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Portrait of Moo

I have been doing some painting again. Nice Mrs Wanda has set another art challenge and it's a cow. You all know that my cousins are cows. Well I decided I would paint my cousin Moo in watercolours.

First of all I sketched him and then I did the washes. That means doing the painting in really thin paint first so you get the colours right. It's the most difficult bit but it's the most important too.

This is Moo so you can compare him with the picture. He likes it and I think it looks quite like him.

And here's the finished picture. Moo says I have to frame it so Mummy will put it on the wall but I think that's just because he thinks his picture should be on display!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Drawing and painting stuff

You know that I do art stuff. Well Mummy has been doing a thing called an art challenge and she has to do a butterfly this time. There's a choice of two pictures to copy and she's doing the fancy one so I thought I'd have a go at the other one that's yellow. First I drew the picture then I coloured it with crayons.

This is the finished picture. Do you think I should put it up for sale on my Folksy Shop?

Nice Mrs Wanda has put the picture on her blog here she sets the challenge.