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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Portrait of Moo

I have been doing some painting again. Nice Mrs Wanda has set another art challenge and it's a cow. You all know that my cousins are cows. Well I decided I would paint my cousin Moo in watercolours.

First of all I sketched him and then I did the washes. That means doing the painting in really thin paint first so you get the colours right. It's the most difficult bit but it's the most important too.

This is Moo so you can compare him with the picture. He likes it and I think it looks quite like him.

And here's the finished picture. Moo says I have to frame it so Mummy will put it on the wall but I think that's just because he thinks his picture should be on display!


  1. Oh my goodness, it's adorable... Of course it's perfect for your entry. People will fall in love with your little "Moo"

  2. Love it! Very clever Eldritch (well and Moo for standing still and being painted)

    Would make a lovely picture for a birthday card! Perhaps you could get it printed up in to cards one day :-)


  3. That is a great painting! Very life-like!

  4. Your very good Eldritch. Would you do my portrait?

  5. Excellent likeness - definitely one for the wall!

  6. Oh yes you are a very talented artist Eldritch just like your mum are cows the theme of the week for your art?

  7. wow it's so me Eldritch. You are so talented.