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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Been painting again

I've been having a go at Wanda's Art Challenge again. I tried last week's but it was a horse and it was VERY HARD so I didn't show it to anyone. But this week it was lots of nice birds. We have been out to a farm place today and seen lots of nice birds and I thought I would like to paint one when I got home.

This is a White Crown Sparrow. I think they are American birds because I have never seen a blue sparrow before.

On the way home from the farm place we stopped off for stuff to eat at the diner. We had nunnion rings. Bamburgh loves nunnion rings.


  1. Mmm, onion rings are delicious! And that's a very good bird painting! I'm impressed!

  2. Eldritch, you did fantastic. Great job...

  3. We get those birds in our yard and they look just like that. Pawsome job Eldritch!

    I named your blog for an award. Visit my blog at to pick it up.

  4. MorningAJ I think your White Crown Sparrow is very nice. You have such a way with delicate colors and a feel of softness.

    I'm posting your entry now! Thanks so much for joining in.

  5. It was me that painted it - not mummy! But thank you anyway!

  6. A lovely painting and also a lovely photo of you and Bamburgh holding hands. You both look very smart! (Nice looking nunnion rings too....yum.)

  7. those are beautiful, Eldritch!!
    *yoink* *grabs onion ring* hee heee!! nom nom!