The story of a red plush dragon and his friends.

Red dragons are fab!

Monday, 9 April 2012

We went glamping!

We have been glamping in a camping pod. We went to a place with a funny name called Leebotwood. Usually we go with a tent but mummy said she wanted to be sure we wouldn't get wet so we had this tent shed thing called a pod. It had floors and walls and stuff but we still got to sit outside and do stuff.

We took our crayons with us and we did some colouring in from a book that our friend Llechi sent us for Easter.

We had lots of nice food for Easter and mummy let us have these special chocolate eggs that were just plush sized and we shared them out. The cows came with us too and we kept some for them as well because it's only fair.

That's Mitch at the back. He likes camping

There was some juicy stuff that had dragons on it and it said they lived in an orchard. That's where apples grow. Mummy said we couldn't have any though. I don't know why we couldn't have apple juice. We had these other things though. They were called Uglies and they tasted of cheese.

While we were at the pod we went to a place called 1403 where there was a big battle. Mummy got nice food from the shop and we went to have a look round the museum thing. We were learning stuff about the time when the battle happened. It said that people called Archer and Fletcher had to do with shooting arrows a long time ago.

There was stuff about how they used to write then as well.

Their artists were really clever and they painted all sorts of stuff with gooey paints that were in pots like these.

We took Baa with us to go glamping. He thought he'd found grapes one night but mummy said they weren't.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We got a parcel!

We were really surprised tonight because we got a parcel through the post and we found it behind the door when we got in. It was brown and addressed to me and so I called all the other dragons to see what it might be.

Dewi said it had Welsh words on it to do with the post office and he said it must have come from Wales so we got really excited about it. Mummy helped us to undo it because it was wrapped up dead well.

When we got into it we found lots of stuff from our bestest Dragon Buddy Llechi who lives in Wales. He calls it Cymru though because he is bilingual. That means he talks English and Welsh and he is really clever.

He lives down a slate mine and he sent us pictures of it that were really funny. They had cartoons of old stuff down the mine. We laughed.

And there was a puzzle book that we have packed already to go on holiday because Mummy says the weatherman says it might rain a bit so we might have to find stuff to do indoors.

There were two teddy bears as well. One of them was a panda and the other was a monkey and so Dexter and Dewi got them because they don't have teddy bears yet. Wasn't it clever of Llechi to send them some?

Mummy and Unclclele Kevin got a card from Auntie Kakabel too. That was kind of her to remember Mummy and Uncncnclele Kevin. Mummy says to say thank you.