The story of a red plush dragon and his friends.

Red dragons are fab!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloian Samhain

We are having Hallo Ian party because it is Samhain. We are all dressed up as scary things.

I am a zombie and Dexter is a mummy and Moo has a scary pumpkin head mask on. It glows in the dark.

Dewi is a pumpkin and Morris has a ghostie costume with Boo on the front. They've claimed the chocolate pumpkins too.

Bamburgh is a zombie and Bill has a spidery headdress on as well as having his ratty Squeak on his shoulder.

Here's a closeup of Moo's mask for you. And can you see my spare ghostie head on my shoulder?

Happy Hallow Ian and Samhain to everybody!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

A day in London

We have been in London today on a long weekend and we have been to see lots of stuff. We took Dewi and Dexter to see the Queen but she wasn't home so we just looked at her house instead.
While we were there we met these two people called Jean and Dave who were visiting the queen's house too. It was good to see them.

Then we went shopping and found these wonderful carved pumpkins in a shop window called Fortnum's. Mummy said we can't afford to shop there - only look in the windows.
Mummy has made Dewi a new jacket to go with the t-shirt that Bamburgh gave him. It's a really smart jacket and has pointy collars so that it looks like a vampire coat. It's really good for Hallo Ian.

We went to see VandA again too. It's a good place for dragons because there are lots there.

Back at the hotel we had a Hallo Ian treat. They look like witches' fingers but they're biscuits really.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Gone away

There is a big fair in our village and it gets in the way so Mummy said we could go on holiday and we are in London! Isn't that exciting? We are staying at a hotel until the fair goes away tomorrow.
We saw a museum today and there was a really funny motorbike that was all pink and it had a teddy bear on the back. There was a sign that said his name was Pinny and he enjoys living in the museum because he likes people watching and lots of people come to see him.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

We got a letter!

We were really excited today because we got a letter. Dewi and Rolly were really pleased because it had Welsh writing on it. They are both from Wales, although Rolly is from Cardiff and Dewi is from Snowdonia so we get a bit confused with the language.

We liked the letter because there was a dragon on the stamp. That meant it was from Wales. That's Cymru in their language. We are all learning North Welsh but we're not very good yet. It's very hard and when you live in England you don't hear much Welsh so you don't get much practice.

The letter was from our friend Llechi and his angel Mummy. He's the reason we want to learn Welsh because we want to talk to him in his language. He's a slate miner and he lives in a place called Blaenau Ffestiniog and he works at a mine called Llechwedd.

The card was for Samhain. That's Hallowe'en but it isn't Welsh it's an old magic word.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dragonfest Two

We went back to Welsh Wales and had a weekend at a place called CarandVan that had a HUGE castle that we went round.

On the way there we stopped off at Llechi's mine and had a mini dragonfest. We met all his family this time and there are almost as many of them as there are of us. Even counting the cows! Llechi's Human asked mummy if we could adopt a new dragon because she had found one in a shop and he was the last one there and was very lonely. She said she knew he would have a good life with us and so we have a new brother and he's called Dewi and he's still a bit shy. Bamburgh's looking after him though. They're about the same size so they get on well. Bamburgh even said he could have one of his old t-shirts. Mummy says she'll make him some clothes of his own soon though.

Mummy knitted a jumper and a scarf for Llechi because it is very cold down the mine and winter's coming and we were worried in case he got poorly. It looks very good on him. It's really his colour. That stripy scarf should keep him warm!
As we were driving from Dragonfest Two to the Carandvan place we had to go over the railway line and we saw a special train that had a steam engine on it.

The castle was very huge but it was raining so we had to find places to shelter like this overhanging bit in the wall. There were lots of corridors and towers and staircases and things as well. It was all very histgoric and exciting.

We stayed in a hotel that didn't have internet but it did have a big tele and we got to watch Merlin while mummy and Unclclecle Kevin went off to have Greek dinner. We called out for pizza because mummy was silly enough to leave her phone behind!

The dragon was in this Merlin episode so it was good!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Seaside seaside!

It has been nice and sunny today even though it's supposed to be nearly winter but it's not behaving like that. So we went to the seaside for the day. It was huge fun!

There was a really clever steep railway thing that we got to ride on to go up the cliff. It was exciting.

ON the way home we stopped near a place called Beverley (silly name for a town!) and we met this bear who was lost in a shop. The shop lady was looking after him until his people come to find him but he looked very sad. Does anyone recognise him?