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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Seaside seaside!

It has been nice and sunny today even though it's supposed to be nearly winter but it's not behaving like that. So we went to the seaside for the day. It was huge fun!

There was a really clever steep railway thing that we got to ride on to go up the cliff. It was exciting.

ON the way home we stopped near a place called Beverley (silly name for a town!) and we met this bear who was lost in a shop. The shop lady was looking after him until his people come to find him but he looked very sad. Does anyone recognise him?


  1. hope his family find him soon!!

  2. Oh Goodness !!
    Poor teddy =( We hope his family finds him soon.

  3. Oh gosh! We don't recognize the bear; he's not a relative of ours. Did he find his human companion? We hope so!

  4. Hope that bears finds his family soon! We found a lost bunny once, Luckily after a few days he returned with his family!

  5. Oh, I hope that poor bear finds his way home soon! *Love* your vest, Eldritch :)

  6. We're having a Halloween contest; we hope you enter!