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Friday, 22 June 2012

Our birthday party

We had loads of fun at our birthday party. All us dragons got together with the cows and we had chicken and chips first and then we had chocolate and Mummy said we could have a bit of pink wine but only the big guys and not very much. We got loads of swag. The cows got us all cars to play with. We like cars. And Unclclecle Kevin got us a DVD of a cartoon thing with Johnny Depp in it and Mummy got all excited and said he's available now but of course he's available the DVD is right there isn't it?
Mummy made us new shirts for our presents and she got this lovely patterny material all the way from Anglesey in Wales and that's where we are going on holiday later this year and I hope it will all be as pretty as the material. Bamburgh's shirt is grey because he's a bit of a fashionista and he likes smart stuff and dark colours and pretending he's Italian even though he comes from the North East of England. He's never been the same since he saw the Versace shop in Rome.
Little Dewi really loved his car. It's a green truck and he grabbed it as soon as he saw it. They were all addressed to all of us and Moo said we could pick which ones we wanted and Dewi liked the truck because he's green too. He can fit on it and ride it and he spent ages going up and down the table top because he tried the carpet and he fell off a lot. The table's smoother and he had fun doing look-no-hands

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Happy birthday to me! (And Bamburgh)

Today is my birthday. I am six. Which is actually quite grown up if you realise that's dragon years. My brother Bamburgh has his birthday today as well, and he is six too. Even though he wasn't born until September.
We both share because today is Midsummer's Day and it is fun to have a summer birthday.

The photo of me was taken the day that Mummy adopted me. Wasn't I young and fluffy?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Unclclelelcle's Day

 Sunday was Unclclel's Day so we went out for the day and took Rutie with us. We started out by going to Denstone Hall farm shop. It's on a proper farm and there are cows and things. And fields. And barns like this one.
There's a good cafe place at Denstone and we were having breakfast.  Mummy had the oatcakes with bacon and Uncncelce Kevin had the almost full English. It would have been a full English but they forgot his black pudding.  Bamburgh helped by reading the menu because there were new things on it.

 Then we went to a town called Lichfield. It had lots of important people that used to live there like a man called Erasmus Darwin who was the grandfather of another man called Charles Darwin who invented evolution. Mummy has a poster of him on the wal in her office.

This house belonged to a man called Dr Johnson who wrote books and a dictionary.

Lichfield has a big church in the middle called a cathedral. It has three spires on the top. That's the pointy tower things. You can see them for miles and miles but they're really impressive up close. They are so tall that we couldn't get them all in the picture.

Inside the cathedral is really posh and it has all this stone vaulting and stuff and this thing next to us is called a font and this is a very ornate one.

We saw lots of stuff at the cathedral. There were big high windows with all coloured glass in them but they didn't come out very well in the photo.

There was treasure too, but they didn't really like you taking photos of that.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Visiting a pretty garden with Ruthie

 We took Ruthie to look round a pretty garden that's near where we live. It's called Whatton Hall but they won't let you look round the house, just the gardens. They are quite big though and it took all afternoon.

There were lots of these plants called  ro-do-den-drons and they have pretty pink flowers. And there were yellow ones too and red ones but this one was the prettiest.
 There was one bit of the garden where they put their pets after they died. I think these were all dogs but it was hard to read because the stones were all crumbly but one of them said it was a terrier so that's why I think they were all dogs. The stone said he was faithful but I couldn't read his name, which was sad.
 There was a big pond with ducks and we sat by it and watched them. It was peaceful under the trees by the pond.
All round the garden there were funny looking statues of animals and things. These were called cass-o-waries and they were big strange birds. We thought they were funny.

There was one bit of the garden where there were all Chinese things and some of them were scary looking men. The sign said they were copies of statues that were found in an old Chinese king's grave. He had lots of them made out of terracotta that's a red sort of pottery and he had a whle army of them. The king's name was Chin and that's why they call it China. The scary men were very tall and some of them were standing under big umbrellas.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ruthie at the manor house

We took Ruthie out to see a bit of history because she said she kind of missed seeing the castle in Ashby. But we've been to the castle and we know a lot of it has fallen down and it's quite scary when you go up the tower and so we took her to a place where there's lots more to see and it's not scary and high up and tumbledown and you don't get wet when it rains. It's called Donington le Heath.
There are lots of things to see at Donington and loads of history because it so old. You can see how old it is just looking at the walls but the garden is good and has lots of tall hedges in it like they had in the olden days. If you look in the pictures you can see that the house has lots of wood in it and there's this clever thing they can do with wood to find out how old things are. They take out a really small bit and count the rings and they can tell when the tree was cut down. They have to compare it with a big sheet that goes back thousands of years, to check the pattern, but it means they can tell you an actual proper date like 1066 or 1776 not just some century or other. So they know the house was built between 1288 and 1295, which means the builders must have been REALLY slow!

The kitchen at Donington is dead good. They've got it all set out like it was working and there's food all over the table but none of it is real. It's plaster and things except the bread and that's real but they coated it in something to stop it going off so you can't eat it but it looks like you can. We spent ages looking at recipes and medicines that you can make out of herbs and there was this massive plastic cheese on the table and if it had been real it would have been yummy except they didn't have fridges then so it might have gone a bit runny in summer. We thought it would be nice to sit round the big kitchen table and eat cheese and bread and fruit and chicken and stuff.
The curly things on the plate are called jumbles. They are a local tasty biscuit.

There's lots of good rooms in Donington and we liked them all but you couldn't see much in some because they had an exhibition thingy on but we liked the bedroom. It had a big bed with curtains and they said that King Richard the Third had slept in it. I hope they changed the sheets since then because it was supposed to be before the battle of Bosworth in 1486. I don't know how they know but it was probably written down somewhere because they have lots of records about the Manor House and they can read up all sorts of interesting stuff. Like back in the 1960s the house belonged to a farmer and he used it to keep pigs in. I wonder how they managed to get upstairs?

Don't forget to check out Ruthie's own blog to find out why she came to visit us.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ruthie's visit to Ashby

We have a local market town called Ashby de la Zouch and we took Ruthie to see it. Its name is a bit French because it was once owned by a Norman Frenchman back in eleven hundred and something which was a long long time ago. They built a castle there and there's some bits of it left but we thought Ruthie might prefer to go shopping and have an English afternoon tea, so we did that instead.

There are lots of old buildings and the main street looks all old and rambly and there are historic old pubs and stuff. You can see the Bull's Head in this picture. It was built in Elizabethan times and you can just see the timber stuff on the front of it.

At the end of the shopping street there's a really tall pointy monument to an old lady of the manor. She was Countess of Loudoun and so it's called the Loudoun monument and it was built by a man called Gilbert Scott who also built St Pancras Station in London.

The building in the background is the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. It was designed by F.A. Walters and built in 1908-15 at the expense of the 15th Duke of Norfolk. We didn't go round it, but it's very impressive isn't it?

After we went shopping we went and had a cream tea with scones and jam and stuff. It's typical English so we had to let Ruthie try one.

Find out more about Ruthie here

Friday, 8 June 2012

Ruthie's here!

Do you remember that I said Ruthie was coming to stay with us?  Well she arrived last night, but Mummy had to go to work today and so we went to the office with her and took Ruthie along so that she wouldn't be at home on her own all day.

The first thing we had to do was sort out a coat for Ruthie because it has been raining really really hard here and Mummy said she might go soggy if she got wet and so we made her a rain poncho to help keep dry. We let Bamburgh do the styling because he's the one who's good at fashion and stuff (even though Dexter used to be a model in a shop, Bamburgh's the one with the design talent). We think that Ruthie looks good in her new coat, what do you think?

Well we got to the office and there wasn't much for us to do so we showed Ruthie round and I didn't know that Mummy has all these pictures of us next to her desk but she does. She says it makes the day go faster if she can look at us sometimes. I wondered where all my Moo cards went and now I know but  I don't mind because if it helps Mummy that's a good thing.

We were going to take Ruthie into town at dinner time to see Robin Hood but it was raining really really hard and even the coat that Bamburgh made wouldn't have kept her dry and so we stayed in and looked at the view but the car park isn't very interesting. There are students living in the house on the other side of the car park and their yard is really really messy so we tried not to get that in the photo. Maybe we should have because at least that's interesting.

There are lots of animals where mummy works because that's what she does, all about animals that get used in science labs and why they shouldn't be and we agree. We think it's horrid that people do nasty things to animals even if it's to make new drugs and things because animals aren't like people and so the tests are probably all wrong anyway.  So the office has lots of plush (which is why we like going there because there's always loads of people to talk to) and we introduced Ruthie to them and I think she liked meeting them because she had a big smile.

To use up some more time we played with the stuff on Mummy's desk and we got all tangled up in the paper clips and made long strings out of them and Mummy was a bit upset because she said she would have to undo them all again but we liked it because there were pretty coloured ones and stripy ones as well and Ruthie was good fun because she helped us to make the strings.
And we learned something today as well called ee-vole-oo-shun and it's all to do with where we come from and there was a big chart on the wall but it didn't have any dragons on it so I don't think it's quite right but Mummy says an important man called Darwin sorted it all out and he was good at it so it was right except he didn't know about dragons and so he just left us out.

Mummy says tomorrow is a day off so we can take Ruthie somewhere interesting but I quite enjoyed going to the office and I hope she didn't mind that it was raining and stuff.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

I got an award!

I have been given a blog award. Thank you to my baboon friend Kolo Martin who awarded it to me.  Now I have to do a couple of things.

First off I have to answer some questions about me.

My favourite number : I don't know if I have a favourite number. I used to think it was one, because I was the only dragon I knew, but then I got a brother and I liked two. Now I've got loads of brothers and cousins and friends so I think my favourite number is lots.

My favourite non-alcoholic drink :  I like root beer. It tastes funny, but it's nice funny.

Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter:  I used to do Facebook but it was silly and I spent all my time playing a silly game and then they tried to get me to pay for doing it so I gave up. Now I just do Twitter and that's good because I can talk to all my friends and relatives.

My passion:  Lots of things are good and lots of things are important but I think my passion is my Mummy because she's good and important to me.

 My favourite pattern: I think my bestest pattern is one on my bestest shirt that has people all over it and they are plush people and they are all smiling.  I think smiles are my favourite pattern.

My favourite day of the week: My favourite day of the week is today, becasue I don't have to wait for it.

My favourite flowers: I like all kinds of flowers. I helped Mummy to plant some purple pansies in a hanging basket when I was first adopted so I always like those.

Now is the tricky bit. I have to pass on the award to 10 other bloggers.  That's going to be difficult to choose. I won't put them in any special order except for the first one. My cousin Mitch has just set up a blog to raise money to help animals that are used in laboratories. He is supporting a charity that finds ways to do science without needing animals. I'd like to help him tell more people about it.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Have you heard of Flat Ruthie?

We found out about a cardboard person who is travelling the world and visiting people and we invited her to stay with us and she has agreed to come and see us. Isn't that great?

Her name is Flat Ruthie and she is Merican and she has been to 10 countries and 23 states, which is more than we have.  I don't know when she will get here. I just know that she is on her way, but I don't know how far she has to travel. She has recently been to San Diego. That's in Merica.

We shall take her to see some places round here. If she arrives when we go on holiday we shall take her to Wales, but otherwise we might have to show her bits of England. I hope she'll enjoy it.