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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Have you heard of Flat Ruthie?

We found out about a cardboard person who is travelling the world and visiting people and we invited her to stay with us and she has agreed to come and see us. Isn't that great?

Her name is Flat Ruthie and she is Merican and she has been to 10 countries and 23 states, which is more than we have.  I don't know when she will get here. I just know that she is on her way, but I don't know how far she has to travel. She has recently been to San Diego. That's in Merica.

We shall take her to see some places round here. If she arrives when we go on holiday we shall take her to Wales, but otherwise we might have to show her bits of England. I hope she'll enjoy it.

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  1. GruffHello there! This is my first time here, I have come a paw plodding over from Kolos for a sniff about your pawticulars! Ooh I must say I do like what you have done to your place here! I see you went to Yorkshire recently too - I live there, must have just missed you! Great to meet you, hopefully see you about soon - take care, Barnie x