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Sunday, 27 May 2012

We have been to Yorkshire

Where can we go?

it was a good viewIt was Unclcleclecle Kevin's birthday this weekend and Mummy decided to take him to Yorkshire as a treat and of course we all got to go with them. We stayed in a nice pub that had a really good view. There were lots of books to read about places roundabout too. And they had good pictures in them but it was best looking out from the pub and looking at the scenery.

The weather was properly hot and me and Bamburgh had to stay in Mummy's handbag a lot of the time because we are both red and we fade easily but when it was shady we could get out.
Shady shelf

We went for a ride on a boat on a canal and it was OK for all of us to get out because there was a shady shelf to sit on. We could look out of the windows a bit too because we went along the canal and back again so the sun was on the other side of the boat sometimes.
Looking out of the boat window

It was good fun because we hve never been on a canal boat before. We have been on boats because we took a water bus when we went to Cardiff to see if we could find Dr Who but canal boats are different. They are long and narrow and we were lucky because we got to sit right at the front for this trip.
Where they make barrels

After we went on the boat we had fish and chips and ice cream and we stayed in the pub and then the next day we went to another town where they make beer and we went to see the brewery. They have a special place where they make barrels to put the beer in and the lady who showed us round said that Master Cooper worked there but it was his day off so we just looked at his workshop.
We got to drink beers

Then we got the best bit because they give beer away at the brewery and they had special plush-sized glasses for us to drink out of. Mummy said we could have a taste because we are all big plush but the little guys had to do without because they are so small and it wouldn't be good for them.

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  1. That's a nice trip too! Did you get a little drunk!;-)