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Monday, 26 November 2012

Getting into the yule spirit

Yule's coming!
 We went to Brumingham at the weekend because lots of German people have come to make it all festive. The council has been good and put pretty lights on so that everybody knows that Yule is coming.

Yule's coming!

There were lots of stalls selling pretty things but the best bit was the food because there were pretzels and pancakes and cheesy things and frankfurters and burgers and fruity bits covered in chocolate and we had loads of them.

Friday, 16 November 2012

What are you doing about Christmas?


Hello everybody. Sorry I've not blogged for ages but I need mummy's help to get online and she's been busy. (We can Tweet sometimes because Moo knows how to use Uncclclecle Kevin's phone.)

Last night just before we went to bed mummy said we have to start thinking about christmas. Well some of us think about christmas all year (mentioning no names but some of the younger cows come to mind!) because they are always planning how to get more swag.

Moo said she only said it to make us behave ourselves because Sandra Clause only brings pressies to good dragons and cows but I think she means that there's lots to do to make it fun and it's only a few weeks away now.

We always help with getting things ready. It's REALLY big in our house because we celebrate christmas with lots of other people and Unclclcelcle Kevin, and we celebrate Yule with some people and mummy so we have two big parties and pressies for both and the decorations have to go up early and we gets loads of good food too and it goes on for weeks. (well, two weeks anyway)

So anyway I think what she meant was we have to start getting things ready. We made paper chains a couple of years ago and we decorate a tree every year because we have our own little plush-sized one. But what I really need to do is go shopping so I can buy mummy and Uncncnlecle Kevin some pressies and maybe stuff for the cows too.

Have you done your christmas shopping yet?