The story of a red plush dragon and his friends.

Red dragons are fab!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Moo's Birthday

Today was Moo's birthday. To make life easy all the Moos have the same birthday so we don't have to remember and we have a HUGE party to celebrate together. From the left that's Rolly, Moo, Bill and Morris. If you look carefully you can see Squeak in Bill's hood. Squeak's a rat. Bill loves him a lot and carries him round all the time.

When they'd opened all their presents they had a huge pile of swag. We bought them the Merican sweeties (candies). We're having hot dogs and trifle for tea.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Victorian fish and chips

There is a big Mooseum in a place called after a big bridge near another place called after the engineering man and we go there sometimes for fish and chips because mummy and Unclclecle Kevin say that the fish and chips where we live are a naughty word. It's an hour drive from home but we don't mind because we get good fish and chips when we are there.

We have been to the Mooseum before and put pictures on here about it.

Further round in the Victorian village there is a bank like the one where our friend Llechi dragon (@LlechweddDragon) works at his Mooseum except it isn't the same it's taller and doesn't have nice windows.

After we went to the village bit of the Mooseum we went to another bit all about making clay pipes. Silly people used to use them to smoke filthy stuff and make themselves smell but the pipes were good and we saw a nice man called Rex making them.

Some of them had dragon claws on them!

PS. I should have said and Hammie reminded me.... Nice Mr Rex said that you don't have to smoke his pipes. You can blow bubbles with them if you like.

Friday, 9 September 2011

The end of dragonfest

We've had a great time in Wales. We've been staying with our friend Idris at his cottage in Snowdonia and we got to meet our friend Llechi (that's Welsh for slate and he works in a mine. It was really interesting)

To mark our last night we had a party in the shed and we had the sparkly lights on. Everyone was there. You can watch the slideshow at the top of the page.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dragonfest on the road

We went for a day out today and decided to take Idris's greeter dragon with us as a treat for being so welcoming and kind. We let him ride up front in the special dragon seat.

We went to a pretty village that had lovely shops in it and we found this rather proud looking dragon defending one where they sold wooden things.

Then we went for a walk and heard about a very brave dog who saved his boss's baby from a wolf but his boss got it all wrong and stabbed him with a sword before he realised. The dog was called Gelert and he was so famous that they called the village after him.

On the way to see the brave dog Baa saw lots of sheep in a field and he tried to talk Welsh to them but they ignored him.
"Bore daaaaaaaaaa!"

Then we went for a drive through the mountains and we saw lots of big pointy hills and it was a long way up and all the way down again.

The biggest mountain was called Snowed On and it was so high that the top was in the clouds!

Then we went to a place called Car and Van or something and there was a big castle. Baa thought he would like to live near it because it had a lush grass lawn.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dragonfest at the seaside

Today we went to the seaside and had Dragonfest there. There was a big castle at the top of a hill in a place called Cricked Neck or something like that. It was very windy and cold and it rained a bit but not as much as it did yesterday.
We went to see RNLI while we were there. We always look after the RNLI people and make donations because they rescue people at sea and that is very important.
Afterwards we went to the nice Cadwalader place for a cup of tea and an ice cream. They have their own biscuits to put in the ice cream and they have a picture on like this.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dragonfest moves to Llechwedd

We have a Twitter friend called Llechi and he works at Llechwedd Slate Caverns in north Wales so we took Dragonfest to visit him. It's a really exciting place to go and it starts with a ride on a tram to go deep underground and see where the miners used to dig out slate for roofs and stuff.
It was very dark underground.

There were interesting photos of how it used to be for the people making slates.
That's the entrance to the mine where the tram goes.
Llechi and his human were working in the bank and so we went to see them there. His human is very nice and kind and obviously loves dragons.
Llechi took us to meet the bank manager and showed us around the bank office.
And he explained all about the Victorian village where the bank is.
And as a souvenir Llechi gave us all lovely shiny pennies to remember our visit by. There were enough for everyone. Llechi and his human are very generous!
It was good to meet you Llechi!

Port Merry One

Yesterday we went to somewhere called Port Merry One or something like that and it was very posh. It was by the seaside but it didn't have amusements or fish and chips or anything but there was ice cream and pizza.

It was dragon friendly because we found one that had his own shop. He was a golden dragon and he was a bit snobby but his shop was good and Dexter bought a badge with a mermaid on it. I think he just liked it because it has uncovered boobies.

It rained a bit while we were there but there are lots of shelter places and the views are good even when they are wet.

Monday, 5 September 2011

More Dragonfest

We're still doing Dragonfest over here in North Wales. We've got this lovely cottage where we're staying with our friend Idris Bach and we had to bring Mummy and Unclclecle Kevin so they can pay for everything.

The view from the window is awesome and it hasn't been raining all the time, but even when it does there's stuff to do. This was all of s trying to see out of the window at the same time. I don't know where Dexter was. I expect he was off doing something good with the others.

We're not all dragons here at Dragonfest. These are the Moos. Well that's just a silly name for them really. Moo is my cousin and the others are Morris and Bill and Rolly. Rolly's the one in the front of the picture. He's from Cardiff so he understands the language round here. You can see Morris's nose and a bit of Bill's eye if you look carefully. The big bald guy is Mitch. He's an orang utan from Michigan who we adopted a couple of years ago. They were all watching TV when this photo was taken. I think they feel a bit left out of Dragonfest but they don't have to. We're friendly.

We even have our own Pink Bunny. The real Pink Bunny is a friend but she couldn't make it to Dragonfest so we got a stand-in for her. It's Rolly's teddy really.

Whenever we travel anywhere we always bring our teddies with us. Winnie the Pooh in the middle used to be mine but when I got my little brother I gave him my teddy and so mummy got me a new one. Mine's the one second from the right. The green one is Mitch's and the tiny one next to it is Bill's. The cow one is Moo's although he's sort of outgrown it now because he's nearly 13 and he says he's too old so he gave it to Morris. Pink Bunny is Rolly's. I'm not sure who owns scarf bear but he always comes with us and we sort of share him around.

The one on the back of the sofa isn't a teddy bear, he's Brian. He's a real bear. But he pretends that he's Dexter's teddy because they both think it's funny. And the other one is Jeffrey Mouse. He's from Merica and used to live in our favourite diner but he came to stay with us a few years back now.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The boiler

More about our Welsh holiday.

We met Idris and saw his boiler.
They have dragons on everything here. Even the cheese!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


We have come to Welsh Wales to visit our friend Idris Bach at his cottage in Snowdonia and we are having a dragonfest! We've brought everyone with us because Welsh Wales is the land of the red dragon and we always feel at home here.

On the way we stopped off at somewhere called Rug Chapel only the Welsh Wales people pronounce it 'Rig' because they talk a different language from us. (Although all dragons can understand each other even the Chinese ones)

Rug chapel is very pretty.

There are lots of lovely carvings.

And there was a special plush-sized seat near one of the posh windows.

That's me and Dexter and Mitch (he's not a dragon, he's an orang utan) and my brother Bamburgh.

Round the corner from the chapel was a farm shop like Denstone only Welsh and they had a big cow sculpture so Unclclclecle Kevin took Moo's and Morris's and Bill's and Rolly's picture sitting near it.

Well anyway. We got to the cottage eventually and here we all are with Idris's greeter dragon. (Idris lives in the boiler downstairs)

This is Welton (the big green one) and Nessie (the pink one) and Ginger (the pale blue one) and Marfleet (another green one with yellow bits) and Rhys Ruthin (the big red one) and Dexter (the green one in the blue jumper) and Draby (the purple one) and Ddraig Denbigh (the red one) and Bamburgh in his new black jacket and Me in my new brown pants and Sandy the little guy.

Baa made friends straight away because there are friendly sheep here too.

We are going to have a good holiday.