The story of a red plush dragon and his friends.

Red dragons are fab!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


We have come to Welsh Wales to visit our friend Idris Bach at his cottage in Snowdonia and we are having a dragonfest! We've brought everyone with us because Welsh Wales is the land of the red dragon and we always feel at home here.

On the way we stopped off at somewhere called Rug Chapel only the Welsh Wales people pronounce it 'Rig' because they talk a different language from us. (Although all dragons can understand each other even the Chinese ones)

Rug chapel is very pretty.

There are lots of lovely carvings.

And there was a special plush-sized seat near one of the posh windows.

That's me and Dexter and Mitch (he's not a dragon, he's an orang utan) and my brother Bamburgh.

Round the corner from the chapel was a farm shop like Denstone only Welsh and they had a big cow sculpture so Unclclclecle Kevin took Moo's and Morris's and Bill's and Rolly's picture sitting near it.

Well anyway. We got to the cottage eventually and here we all are with Idris's greeter dragon. (Idris lives in the boiler downstairs)

This is Welton (the big green one) and Nessie (the pink one) and Ginger (the pale blue one) and Marfleet (another green one with yellow bits) and Rhys Ruthin (the big red one) and Dexter (the green one in the blue jumper) and Draby (the purple one) and Ddraig Denbigh (the red one) and Bamburgh in his new black jacket and Me in my new brown pants and Sandy the little guy.

Baa made friends straight away because there are friendly sheep here too.

We are going to have a good holiday.


  1. It's been brill so far hasn't it?

  2. We liked the burgers at lunch time. And the big creamy cake.

  3. I wish you all a lot of fun, enjoy your holiday!

  4. What a lovely looking holiday and Dragonfest.:-)