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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dragonfest moves to Llechwedd

We have a Twitter friend called Llechi and he works at Llechwedd Slate Caverns in north Wales so we took Dragonfest to visit him. It's a really exciting place to go and it starts with a ride on a tram to go deep underground and see where the miners used to dig out slate for roofs and stuff.
It was very dark underground.

There were interesting photos of how it used to be for the people making slates.
That's the entrance to the mine where the tram goes.
Llechi and his human were working in the bank and so we went to see them there. His human is very nice and kind and obviously loves dragons.
Llechi took us to meet the bank manager and showed us around the bank office.
And he explained all about the Victorian village where the bank is.
And as a souvenir Llechi gave us all lovely shiny pennies to remember our visit by. There were enough for everyone. Llechi and his human are very generous!
It was good to meet you Llechi!

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  1. You do so many interesting things!!! Thanks for sharing them with us, it's good to be on holiday with you after we come home from work :-)!