The story of a red plush dragon and his friends.

Red dragons are fab!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Birthday Fun

It's our birthday tomorrow. All dragons have their birthday at Midsummer so me and Bamburgh share our birthday. Mummy has to work tomorrow so we went out to celebrate yesterday. We knew that the place was dragon friendly when we found this emblem near the entrance.

We were going to have a boat ride and we all got dressed up like narrowboat people with shirts and waistcoats and neckerchiefs. But when we got there the boat was in but the boat driver wasn't well. We all had our photo taken in front of the boat and we wished the driver to be well soon and then we went off to our favourite diner for a burger and treats!

Mister James came to our birthday party and he brought Orange Bun with him. Orange is a Warren Bunny like Aubrey and Barry but he hasn't lived with Mister James for long yet so he still hasn't said what his name really is. Aubrey was good about his name and told us straight away but Barry took a little while. Bunnies are a bit cautious that way.

We had the HUGE hot dog and it was so big that we couldn't even reach the ends of it!

And to round off the great meal we got a lovely cake from Mrs Trish. It had a candle and a lolly in it and it was all choclately.
We had a really good birthday.

Friday, 18 June 2010


Our friend Michelle has been working hard all this week because she is very clever and is a scientist and she has been taking part in a competition called I'm a Scientist Get Me Out Of here. She has to take part in chatrooms with schoolchildren and answer their questions.

They are supposed to be science questions but they can ask her ANYTHING and they have asked all sorts of stuff and she has been very busy typing her answers.

So we went to work with mummy this morning and we gave her a medal and a winner's cup to let he know that she's brilliant. We hope she wins.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

We've been camping

We've been camping. Mummy said she wanted to try out the tent to make sure that everything still worked properly so we went away but not very far. It was a lovely place and it was REALLY close to our favourite diner.

So we got to go camping and to have brilliant food. We went to see Trish and Chef Jeff and we had burgers then we were allowed to have a choice from the milkshake menu.

We chose a special one made with Reese's peanut butter cups. They are really yummy.

While we were waiting for the milkshake Trish brought us some special chocolate that we could share. Then we had the shake. It was HUGE. It was so big that I had to sit on top of the napkin dispenser to drink it. It took Bamburgh ages to climb up but I left him some milkshake.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Here is the Moos

Hello everyone. I'm not sure whether I have introduced you to the Moos. They are my cousins. That means that Unclcleclecle Kevin is their daddy.

This is MooMoo. He sometimes gets called Mister Moo, or even just Moo. He was already there when Mummy first adopted me and he made me feel really welcome. Of course he came to stay when Unclclecle Kevin did so we all live together now.

Soon after I went to live with Mummy we found my brother Bamburgh and soon after that Morris turned up.

He's MooMoo's little brother. He's a really good kid and he doesn't make a fuss about much. But we think his eyesight might be a bit off because he always sits at the front when we watch the TV.

I only have one brother but MooMoo has to be special and go and have more. So one day when we were out he found another little brother.

That's Bill. He's a real sweetie and it's great fun showing him the world because he thinks everything is wonderful. Just look at that expression when he saw his first ever bee.

So now you know who I mean if I talk about Moo and his brothers.