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Friday, 18 June 2010


Our friend Michelle has been working hard all this week because she is very clever and is a scientist and she has been taking part in a competition called I'm a Scientist Get Me Out Of here. She has to take part in chatrooms with schoolchildren and answer their questions.

They are supposed to be science questions but they can ask her ANYTHING and they have asked all sorts of stuff and she has been very busy typing her answers.

So we went to work with mummy this morning and we gave her a medal and a winner's cup to let he know that she's brilliant. We hope she wins.


  1. What a grand idea! I would love a gold medal like that!

  2. You are such a considerate Dragon and clearly a very good friend. I have been reading some of the science site (something I would never normally look at) and find it fascinating. So thank you for introducing me to a whole new area!
    Very best wishes for your birthday weekend!

  3. Thank you everyone. Science is fun. We've had a great time looking at all the questions. The school children have some really good ideas.

  4. Wooo you have very clever friends!