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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Here is the Moos

Hello everyone. I'm not sure whether I have introduced you to the Moos. They are my cousins. That means that Unclcleclecle Kevin is their daddy.

This is MooMoo. He sometimes gets called Mister Moo, or even just Moo. He was already there when Mummy first adopted me and he made me feel really welcome. Of course he came to stay when Unclclecle Kevin did so we all live together now.

Soon after I went to live with Mummy we found my brother Bamburgh and soon after that Morris turned up.

He's MooMoo's little brother. He's a really good kid and he doesn't make a fuss about much. But we think his eyesight might be a bit off because he always sits at the front when we watch the TV.

I only have one brother but MooMoo has to be special and go and have more. So one day when we were out he found another little brother.

That's Bill. He's a real sweetie and it's great fun showing him the world because he thinks everything is wonderful. Just look at that expression when he saw his first ever bee.

So now you know who I mean if I talk about Moo and his brothers.


  1. I have a cow friend as well. Her name is Fleur and she likes a lot of girly things-- but we both like to read! We talk about books all the time!

  2. Books are good. Cows are good. I think you are very lucky to have Fleur. (We don't have girls in our house except Mummy and I don't think she counts.)