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Monday, 31 May 2010

More about Red Dragon Land

We travelled a long way on the boat and then we could see Torchwood in the distance. It was very exciting. When we landed we took loads of pictures.

Uncclclele Kevin took photos of Moo everywhere that there's anything to do with Torchwood. He even tried standing on the invisible step that makes Captain Jack disappear but it must have been switched off because we could still see him!

After we went to Torchwood we went for a walk round Cardiff. There's a castle there and it has a really posh wall round it with all animals carved on the top. There were all sorts of animals like lions and bears and stuff and we met some monkeys as well.

After that we went to find a cafe because it was a hot day. Moo really likes Starbucks (though we prefer Costa) and we went and had an icy coffee to cool down.

Actually we had some really good food while we were away because there are lots of good places to eat in Cardiff. We weren't allowed to go to the posh place for Unclclecle Kevin's birthday but we got treated to pizza the day after. It was great because we were sat upstairs and we could watch the man in the kitchen making the pizzas.

And Mummy said we would do like we did when we went to N'York and we wouldn't have breakfast in the hotel but we'd go out to find something to eat and that was good because on the last day we found a pancake place and we had yummy pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. We like Red Dragon Land!


  1. It sounds like you had a great trip Eldritch. The food looks particularly good. You are clearly a gourmet dragon. I am taking Melody and Dougal (plush Rabbits) to Scotland later today and we hope we have as good a time as you!

  2. Oooo. Hope you have a good time. Our friend Flt Lt Bear lives in Scotland. He's nice and very friendly. Have fun!

  3. The food does look very good. And the weather looks awfully nice too!

  4. The weather was hot and sunny Marlowe. It was a good job we took some cool clothes with us. My brother Bamburgh says he always looks cool - but that's not what I mean.

  5. Wow what an exciting trip and pizza as well and breakfast in the hotel ! Wow!

  6. The pizza was extra good. We love pizza!