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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Planting pumpkins

Unclclcle Kevin bought us a present. It was a packet of seeds with some stuff to plant it in. They're pumpkin seeds. Unclclelcle Kevin says if they grow nicely we can turn them into lanterns at Hallo Ian. Mummy says we can eat them too. They make nice soup, she says and they go into lots of other things too.

We had to put water on the compost and wait for ages. It said we had to scrape the seeds with a nail file to help them grow.

And then we pushed the seeds into the compost and watered them in. We had to put the little pot into the bigger pot and put the lid on.

Then we had to find somewhere warm to put the pot until the shoots start to show. We don't know how long it will take so it had to be somewhere good and safe.

Mummy said we could put it on the windowsill in the kitchen with her chilli seeds because it's a warm and sunny spot and she will keep an eye on it for us and tell us when the shoots show.


  1. Hello!

    I love gardening! I did not get to do a lot of planting seeds, but I help my mom plant the plants she buys full grown. I also like watering them!

  2. How exciting! Makes me want to go do some gardening today!

  3. Oh wow planting pumpkin seeds that is awesome I love pumpkin soup and pie and anything with pumpkins or squashes in. Good luck with the growing!

  4. We like pumpkin soup too. Can't wait till autumn!

  5. Hello!! Have you met Dilly Dragon yet?

  6. Hallo Eldritch - I have just found your blog and I think it is great. I am really looking forward to seeing your pumpkins. I am growing tomatoes this year but they aren't doing as well as your pumpkins.

  7. Hallo everybody! They aren't growing yet......

    I don't know Dilly Dragon,Found Art.

    I hope there will be photos of your tomatoes Alix!

  8. I hope that they will be big enough to photograph!