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Saturday, 8 May 2010


Last night Mummy invited her friend Mister James over for dinner. We like Mister James because he is funny. We talk to him on Twitter too. Well he said that he had pressies for us. We weren't expecting anything. It's not our birthday till next month so we couldn't think what it was for. What on earth could it be?

When he arrived we were specially nice to him and we were REALLY patient all the way through dinner even though we were dying to know what we were going to get. Then he said he had our surprise for us.

He held out his hands and said that we had one pressie each but we could swap if we liked. Then he opened his hands and we saw some lovely rolled-up knitting. Mister James likes knitting and we know he has made lots of hats and socks for people before.

It was two really great scarves. They were fantastic colours. Bamburgh's was a plain colour but it had a good pattern knitted into it. It was a lovely soft wool and it fitted him perfectly and it went really well with his jumper. And mine was long and stripey and soft and it'll go with LOTS of my clothes.

Thank you Mister James. They are really good!

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  1. Oh those are very nice scarves how nice of Mr James to make those they are great.