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Friday, 14 May 2010

Offline is no fun

Mummy's computer is broken and it's miserable for all of us. She wants to get online to do stuff and I have to wait to use it after she's finished but now we're both having to wait until Unclcecle Kevin's done and he's having problems with something called Seven.

It stole all his photos yesterday. Even ones of me. And he was unhappy. You could tell because it went really quiet except for the noise of his hands on the keyboard and a lot of sharp breathing. It was a bit like when the cat pukes on the carpet. Except for the keyboard bit.

Mummy has a PC that's locked away in the room upstairs but it's behind a lot of stuff and Maisie cat uses the desk chair so you have to sit on the floor and then it's really difficult to use the mouse and see the screen.

I miss being online. (Don't tell anyone how I managed to get this done.....)

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  1. Oh that being off line thing is so upsetting sometimes our broadband just decides to do its own thing then I miss all of you.