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Friday, 21 May 2010

Mitch Monkey

We have a great friend who came to stay with us from Michigan in Merica. When he came Bamburgh couldn't say Michigan so he called our new friend Mitch and so we still call him that. His name is Mitch Monkey but he isn't a monkey he's an ape. He's an orange utang and he is really strong. When he first arrived he looked a bit sad because he had come a long way and he was missing his old family in Michigan. But we took him to places and gave him some presents and soon he cheered up.

One day we went out for fish and chips because Mitch said he had never had real English fish and chips before. Mummy gave him a scarf to wear and she cut off his labels so he would know that he was staying with us and couldn't be sent back.

Soon Mitch was smiling just like the rest of us!


  1. Mitch looks like he will be a great friend. I hope he enjoyed the fish and chips - has he tried a cream tea yet?

  2. Oh yes. He's been here a while now. He's had lots of treats!

  3. It was very nice of you to make him feel so welcome!

  4. Great to see an ape making it to a household in England where they get fish and chips! I'm a primate and I think we apes and primates make good household companions.

  5. Oh absolutely. We care a lot about primates. Mitch gave us a lesson all about it and how humans are descended from apes. (We think they went backwards a bit)