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Red dragons are fab!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

We've been to Red Dragon Land

We have been to Red Dragon Land. It was because it was Unclclecle Kevin's birthday and Mummy took him to see the Torchwood places. We went to a big city called Cardiff and it's the capital of Red Dragon Land.

There are dragons all over the place so we felt really welcome. We've been to Red Dragon Land before but not to Cardiff. We even found Red Dragon FM radio. We follow them on Twitter!

Mummy took Unclclecle Kevin to a very posh restaurant and we weren't allowed to go because it was a special birthday treat but we stayed at the hotel watching a movie and she brought us some biscuits.

The next day we went for a walk and we found Captain Jack! Apparently he's working for the CIA now. At least I think that's what it meant. And he's using a new name but it was definitely his photo. And it wasn't far from Torchwood.

We went on a boat and sailed down the river until we found Torchwood. Unclclecle Kevin knew where it was.


  1. I think your evening of staying in with a movie and biscuits would be better then a fancy restaurant any day!

  2. Was the movie good? I think a lovely day out and a movie and biscuits sounds fab!!

  3. We watched Up. It was REALLY good!

  4. I think watching movies in the hotel is as much fun as eating in a psh resturant and biscuits would be great!

  5. The biscuits were good. and the movie was funny.