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Friday, 7 May 2010

Barry Berry arrives

I have a wonderful pet called Aubrey Strawbree. He's a sock bunny and came from Widget's warren. Well a little while ago Unclceclecle Kevin said that everyone here has a little brother (except Mummy - but she's got us) and it wasn't fair that Aubrey didn't have a bunny brother of his own.

So Mummy got in touch with Widget's Bunnymaker and we have adopted Barry Berry. You can see he's one of Aubrey's family because he has strawbrees too.

Barry arrived in a parcel that was addressed to me and it was really exciting. Everyone gathered round to see what it was and Aubrey said he recognised the writing on it because it was the Bunnymaker's.

When we opened up the top Aubrey was so excited that he almost fell in. But Barry was safe and wrapped up well in his tissue travelling kit and the Bunnymaker had given him a carrot to eat on the journey so he wasn't too hungry.

I think Aubrey and Barry are going to be really happy together.


  1. Oh they are so nice how to people think of such wonderful ideas to make?

  2. I don't know how people think of them. But i'M pleased that the Bunny Maker thought of Aubrey and Barry.