The story of a red plush dragon and his friends.

Red dragons are fab!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The arrival of Nessie

While we were out Mr Postman called and left a note to say there was a parcel. We had to go out in the rain to fetch it from the post office.

It was a very PINK parcel so we knew from our friend This Bear that it was our new sister Nessie!

In case we didn't realise there was a note introducing her that was written on a nice card with a cat on it.

And suddenly she burst out of her pink parcel. She's very pink too - and she's a bit bigger than me.

We have some big cousins that live with us and I figured that she'd be OK with them. There's Ginger and Welton and Rhys and Draig and Red.

She seems to have settled in OK. Ginger has been talking to her all evening. I have no idea what about but they're getting on really well.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

We got a postcard!

We had a really nice surprise this weekend when this great postcard arrived. It's from our friend Dennis Pendragon. We really like teddy bears and that one in fancy dress looks funny! We dress up sometimes when we have parties and things. I've never had a costume as fancy as that one though.
Thank you Dennis!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

I got a parcel!

I got a wonderful surprise this morning when the postman came. There was a REALLY BIG LETTER addressed to me! Whoever is it from, I thought.

I had forgotten that Morris Cat had offered me a book about Custard the Dragon that his Gaby had drawn pictures for. Doesn't it look wonderful? There was a lovely card in with it too.

I had never read the poem before although I had heard of Custard the Dragon. The realio trulio little pet dragon. I think Gaby's picture of Custard is very good.

Poor Custard thought he was scared and he wanted to stay safe in a cage. All his friends were rude to him because they thought he was a coward.

But when a bad pirate turned up and threatened them all the others ran away. Custard was very brave and ate the pirate!

Thank you Morris and Gaby for my lovely present!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

A place called Plush

We went to a village called Plush. I think they named it specially for us. It was near the rude man. Unclcecle Kevin says there are only two places called Plush in the whole wide world and the other one is in Oregon. That's in Merica.
We sat on the sign to have our pictures taken because it is so special to have a Plush village all to ourselves.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lots of boats and a brown island

We have been on lots of boats today because we went to a little brown island in the sea with squirrels. We saw two squirrels but we didn't get pictures because they run really fast but it was nice to see them. And a deer. And lots of dragon flies. We had fun on the brown sea island.

First we had to go on a big boat on chains that took us from here over to the Poole place then we had to catch another boat from the Poole place to the brown sea island and then we walked round and had a sandwich and a cup of tea and crisps (chips to my Merican friends) and then we did it all again backwards.

While we were on the yellow boat from the brown island we saw the boat on chains crossing the bit between here and over there. It seemed like we went round in circles a lot but it was on boats so we didn't mind!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

We are on holiday!

I can't stop long because we don't have much Internet signal thingy but I thought I'd just like to say to everyone we are having a good time on our holidays. We went to see ever such a rude man and I tried to stop Bamburgh seeing because he is far too little to see that sort of thing but he looked out round the sides. We all laughed a lot when we saw the man with no trousers!