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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lots of boats and a brown island

We have been on lots of boats today because we went to a little brown island in the sea with squirrels. We saw two squirrels but we didn't get pictures because they run really fast but it was nice to see them. And a deer. And lots of dragon flies. We had fun on the brown sea island.

First we had to go on a big boat on chains that took us from here over to the Poole place then we had to catch another boat from the Poole place to the brown sea island and then we walked round and had a sandwich and a cup of tea and crisps (chips to my Merican friends) and then we did it all again backwards.

While we were on the yellow boat from the brown island we saw the boat on chains crossing the bit between here and over there. It seemed like we went round in circles a lot but it was on boats so we didn't mind!


  1. I think it sounds like a nice, calm way to spend your day.

  2. That boat sounds fun and Brown Island sounds lovely and peaceful must check it out some time.