The story of a red plush dragon and his friends.

Red dragons are fab!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

I got a parcel!

I got a wonderful surprise this morning when the postman came. There was a REALLY BIG LETTER addressed to me! Whoever is it from, I thought.

I had forgotten that Morris Cat had offered me a book about Custard the Dragon that his Gaby had drawn pictures for. Doesn't it look wonderful? There was a lovely card in with it too.

I had never read the poem before although I had heard of Custard the Dragon. The realio trulio little pet dragon. I think Gaby's picture of Custard is very good.

Poor Custard thought he was scared and he wanted to stay safe in a cage. All his friends were rude to him because they thought he was a coward.

But when a bad pirate turned up and threatened them all the others ran away. Custard was very brave and ate the pirate!

Thank you Morris and Gaby for my lovely present!


  1. Hurrah! We will let Gaby know that you liked her pictures :)

  2. What a lovely surprise. And what a great poem - I have it printed out on my notice board now. Are you very brave Eldritch?

  3. Ohhhh a dragon story and such beautiful illustrations how wonderful!