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Thursday, 9 September 2010

A place called Plush

We went to a village called Plush. I think they named it specially for us. It was near the rude man. Unclcecle Kevin says there are only two places called Plush in the whole wide world and the other one is in Oregon. That's in Merica.
We sat on the sign to have our pictures taken because it is so special to have a Plush village all to ourselves.


  1. Very Cool guys !!
    Maybe Ms. Lori can visit the one in Oregon.

  2. I bet that Plush is a great village. Sounds like you are having great holidays!

  3. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and I don't think there is much there. I think you ought to stick to your village called Plush!

  4. Hello everybody! There wasn't much in our village called Plush either - only us! It was exciting though.

  5. How cool! A whole plush village! That would be so great! What a fun adventure!

  6. Heee heeee heeee imagine a village called Plush we should all live there its named for us plus anipals!