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Red dragons are fab!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The arrival of Nessie

While we were out Mr Postman called and left a note to say there was a parcel. We had to go out in the rain to fetch it from the post office.

It was a very PINK parcel so we knew from our friend This Bear that it was our new sister Nessie!

In case we didn't realise there was a note introducing her that was written on a nice card with a cat on it.

And suddenly she burst out of her pink parcel. She's very pink too - and she's a bit bigger than me.

We have some big cousins that live with us and I figured that she'd be OK with them. There's Ginger and Welton and Rhys and Draig and Red.

She seems to have settled in OK. Ginger has been talking to her all evening. I have no idea what about but they're getting on really well.


  1. What a great collections of dragons. Mom has dragons all over the house. Maybe I'll take pictures of them one day and post them.

  2. Hello Pasikas. Nessie said it's a braw bricht nicht the nicht. She said you'd understand.

    Hiya Pumpkinpuddy. Yes please! We'd like to see photos of your dragon friends!

  3. That's a very jaunty hat she is wearing.

  4. Hey dats a great new frwend, an she is Big, hope U not scared of her, she looks very sweet HUGS xoxox

  5. Welcome to your new sister she looks like a colourful character and I'm sure she'll be very happy with all of you.