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Saturday, 22 May 2010

A local tradition

Round here they have a traditional thing called well dressing. It means that people make lovely pictures out of flowers and plants and seeds and stuff and then stand them by the well in their village. Unclecle Kevin said we could try doing one for the garden even though we don't have a well.

We wanted to make a simple design because this was our first attempt at a well dressing and clever Unclclcle Kevin said we could do the four elements because dragons breathe fire and that would be one corner. We did a big circle and drew in the four elements.

The flowers and stuff are held in place with clay and so we had to put some into a wooden box that would hold our well dressing. We had to make sure it was in right so the little guys stomped down hard on it to make it stick. It took three whole blocks of play dough.

Then we had to transfer our pattern to the clay so we put our design on top of it and took turns to prick holes through it so that it would be there when we took the paper away. It was a bit tricky and took ages to do it right.

After we did the pattern we started putting flowers and seeds and stuff into the clay. Me and Bamburgh did the fire corner and Moo did the water one because he wanted to put googly eyes on the fish. Bill did air because he likes fluffy clouds. We all shared earth because it was complicated.

When it was finished we all gathered round to celebrate. We haven't got a well but we put it close to the garden tap so Mummy can see it through the kitchen window.


  1. That is really awesome!

    I have a bunny from the Warren living in my house too!

  2. What a lovely tradition and how much fun to do it your picture is lovely.

  3. Thank you everyone!
    We think the Warren bunnies are really nice, Marlowe. Everyone should adopt one.

  4. That's a really neat tradition Eldritch! We don't have anything like that here in New Mexico. I do have a question though, what is Moo wearing on his head? He kinda looks like a Surfer Dude (or Surfer Moo) with frizzy blond hair like that!