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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dragonfest on the road

We went for a day out today and decided to take Idris's greeter dragon with us as a treat for being so welcoming and kind. We let him ride up front in the special dragon seat.

We went to a pretty village that had lovely shops in it and we found this rather proud looking dragon defending one where they sold wooden things.

Then we went for a walk and heard about a very brave dog who saved his boss's baby from a wolf but his boss got it all wrong and stabbed him with a sword before he realised. The dog was called Gelert and he was so famous that they called the village after him.

On the way to see the brave dog Baa saw lots of sheep in a field and he tried to talk Welsh to them but they ignored him.
"Bore daaaaaaaaaa!"

Then we went for a drive through the mountains and we saw lots of big pointy hills and it was a long way up and all the way down again.

The biggest mountain was called Snowed On and it was so high that the top was in the clouds!

Then we went to a place called Car and Van or something and there was a big castle. Baa thought he would like to live near it because it had a lush grass lawn.

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  1. Nice pictures! I always enjoy riding a car sitting on the dashboard! That dragon in front of the shop is pretty!