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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Victorian fish and chips

There is a big Mooseum in a place called after a big bridge near another place called after the engineering man and we go there sometimes for fish and chips because mummy and Unclclecle Kevin say that the fish and chips where we live are a naughty word. It's an hour drive from home but we don't mind because we get good fish and chips when we are there.

We have been to the Mooseum before and put pictures on here about it.

Further round in the Victorian village there is a bank like the one where our friend Llechi dragon (@LlechweddDragon) works at his Mooseum except it isn't the same it's taller and doesn't have nice windows.

After we went to the village bit of the Mooseum we went to another bit all about making clay pipes. Silly people used to use them to smoke filthy stuff and make themselves smell but the pipes were good and we saw a nice man called Rex making them.

Some of them had dragon claws on them!

PS. I should have said and Hammie reminded me.... Nice Mr Rex said that you don't have to smoke his pipes. You can blow bubbles with them if you like.


  1. Don't like smoking, but those pipes are beautiful!

  2. Well dragons sort of smoke by ourselves but it's not that kind of smoking. Nice Mr Rex said that you could blow bubbles with his pipes if you wanted.

  3. Mmmm Fish & Chips =9
    We had Chips and Gravey last night and thought of you guys.

  4. We love fish and chips too! Yummy! We don't smoke, but we like Sherlock Holmes stories, and he often has a pipe.

  5. That is a very good idea!!! Let's make all smokers blow bubbles so we can all catch bubbles!!!!