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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mini holiday

We went away this weekend to see some old stuff with Mummy. The place was very dragon friendly. They used to make crockery there and there was this really posh stuff with green dragons on it so we knew we were welcome.

There was a special place where you could do art stuff about the crockery and you could do a rubbing of the pattern with the green dragon but I did a pink one for my special friend @Pinkbunnyr

We found this guy in the yard. I think he lives at the pottery place. He had smart wings made out of woven stuff.

We went off to another history place and went on a train down a mine. It was very dark and scary but mummy held onto us really tight so we were OK.

These two are my half-brothers Bill and Morris and they were really pleased to find their names on this metal thing. I didn't like to tell them it was for dead people.


  1. What a nice excursion! :)

  2. What a fun adventure Edlritch--we find our names too sometimes, on ice cream stores, but they never give us free ice cream, hehe.

  3. I like rubbings and I like the strange guy in the yard too! What a lovely day!

  4. Looks like you lot had a lovely time. That's a nice blue fleece you have on Eldritch, has someone been making you more clothes?

  5. Oh, we love that green dragon crockery! How beautiful!

  6. How lovely what an exciting holiday! The green dragon crockery is great now they need to make some with red dragons on as well!