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Monday, 5 September 2011

More Dragonfest

We're still doing Dragonfest over here in North Wales. We've got this lovely cottage where we're staying with our friend Idris Bach and we had to bring Mummy and Unclclecle Kevin so they can pay for everything.

The view from the window is awesome and it hasn't been raining all the time, but even when it does there's stuff to do. This was all of s trying to see out of the window at the same time. I don't know where Dexter was. I expect he was off doing something good with the others.

We're not all dragons here at Dragonfest. These are the Moos. Well that's just a silly name for them really. Moo is my cousin and the others are Morris and Bill and Rolly. Rolly's the one in the front of the picture. He's from Cardiff so he understands the language round here. You can see Morris's nose and a bit of Bill's eye if you look carefully. The big bald guy is Mitch. He's an orang utan from Michigan who we adopted a couple of years ago. They were all watching TV when this photo was taken. I think they feel a bit left out of Dragonfest but they don't have to. We're friendly.

We even have our own Pink Bunny. The real Pink Bunny is a friend but she couldn't make it to Dragonfest so we got a stand-in for her. It's Rolly's teddy really.

Whenever we travel anywhere we always bring our teddies with us. Winnie the Pooh in the middle used to be mine but when I got my little brother I gave him my teddy and so mummy got me a new one. Mine's the one second from the right. The green one is Mitch's and the tiny one next to it is Bill's. The cow one is Moo's although he's sort of outgrown it now because he's nearly 13 and he says he's too old so he gave it to Morris. Pink Bunny is Rolly's. I'm not sure who owns scarf bear but he always comes with us and we sort of share him around.

The one on the back of the sofa isn't a teddy bear, he's Brian. He's a real bear. But he pretends that he's Dexter's teddy because they both think it's funny. And the other one is Jeffrey Mouse. He's from Merica and used to live in our favourite diner but he came to stay with us a few years back now.

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  1. It's sounds like you're having such lovely fun. We have lots of dragons in our house, but they don't blog. They're wonderful company. So I guess we have Dragonfest, too, but yours sounds more interesting.