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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day out without dragons

 We have been out for the day today. We were going to have breakfast at the OK Diner last weekend but mummy was poorly and so she didn't want to eat anything for TWO WHOLE DAYS and that's not like her.

But anyway she was feeling better today and it is Unclclelcle Kevin's birthday soon and he had a voucher for a milkshake and so we went to see our friends at the diner.

We are very lucky because the diner is near where we live and so we can have burgers and curly fries and things like that any time we like (except when mummy isn't well) but this morning we had breakfasty things.

There were fried eggs and bacon and hash browns and pancakes and syrup and coffee and Uncleclecle Kevin had sausages too but he didn't have pancakes. He had a HUGE milkshake though, and it had banana in it but he let us have some of the lumpy bits from the bottom because they get stuck up the straw if you try to suck them.

 When we had finished breakfast we went to Birmingham because they were having a special event because a man wrote a book about elves and hobbits a long time ago and there were people dressed up in silly costumes and pointy ears and stuff and they said there would be dragons but we didn't see very many. In fact I think we were the only ones there.

We found a picture of one that was on a thing called a barefoot walk. People were walking along this thing that had all different surfaces on it like mats and sand and pebbles and it said that it was good for you but I don't know what all the fuss was about because we never wear shoes and we are always barefoot. Maybe that was why there was a picture of a dragon on it.

When we realised there weren't any proper dragons mummy was a bit disappointed and so were we but we decided to make it right and we bought mummy a present. It was a bookmark with a dragon on it and she likes bookmarks. It's a very elegant looking dragon and I wish I could be like that sometimes but mummy says I'm cute and that's better than elegant.


  1. I think that you look particularly elegant in your photos here Eldritch - that jacket and trousers is very smart.

    You are also extremely cute!