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Friday, 22 June 2012

Our birthday party

We had loads of fun at our birthday party. All us dragons got together with the cows and we had chicken and chips first and then we had chocolate and Mummy said we could have a bit of pink wine but only the big guys and not very much. We got loads of swag. The cows got us all cars to play with. We like cars. And Unclclecle Kevin got us a DVD of a cartoon thing with Johnny Depp in it and Mummy got all excited and said he's available now but of course he's available the DVD is right there isn't it?
Mummy made us new shirts for our presents and she got this lovely patterny material all the way from Anglesey in Wales and that's where we are going on holiday later this year and I hope it will all be as pretty as the material. Bamburgh's shirt is grey because he's a bit of a fashionista and he likes smart stuff and dark colours and pretending he's Italian even though he comes from the North East of England. He's never been the same since he saw the Versace shop in Rome.
Little Dewi really loved his car. It's a green truck and he grabbed it as soon as he saw it. They were all addressed to all of us and Moo said we could pick which ones we wanted and Dewi liked the truck because he's green too. He can fit on it and ride it and he spent ages going up and down the table top because he tried the carpet and he fell off a lot. The table's smoother and he had fun doing look-no-hands


  1. Paaaw that sounds Fab! Wish I was there, I am great at a party - you should see on the kids trampoline! Party on my friends - bottoms up!

  2. Congrats on all the great stuff! Bamburgh looks very spiffy... like he could almost be a fashion model! I love your shirt Eldritch - very colourful!

  3. Well ...what a smart boy in your jazzy shirt, Mum has done you proud!
    Looks like you are all having a great time.

    Vicky x

  4. Dilly luv gween wagons
    but be scared ov red wagons!
    Red wagons yewzly be fierce an bad an get Dilly into twubbol!!!!!

  5. Looks like you had a great party too!
    Happy Belated Birthday!

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