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Monday, 18 June 2012

Unclclelelcle's Day

 Sunday was Unclclel's Day so we went out for the day and took Rutie with us. We started out by going to Denstone Hall farm shop. It's on a proper farm and there are cows and things. And fields. And barns like this one.
There's a good cafe place at Denstone and we were having breakfast.  Mummy had the oatcakes with bacon and Uncncelce Kevin had the almost full English. It would have been a full English but they forgot his black pudding.  Bamburgh helped by reading the menu because there were new things on it.

 Then we went to a town called Lichfield. It had lots of important people that used to live there like a man called Erasmus Darwin who was the grandfather of another man called Charles Darwin who invented evolution. Mummy has a poster of him on the wal in her office.

This house belonged to a man called Dr Johnson who wrote books and a dictionary.

Lichfield has a big church in the middle called a cathedral. It has three spires on the top. That's the pointy tower things. You can see them for miles and miles but they're really impressive up close. They are so tall that we couldn't get them all in the picture.

Inside the cathedral is really posh and it has all this stone vaulting and stuff and this thing next to us is called a font and this is a very ornate one.

We saw lots of stuff at the cathedral. There were big high windows with all coloured glass in them but they didn't come out very well in the photo.

There was treasure too, but they didn't really like you taking photos of that.

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  1. Hi Eldritch and friends,
    That looks like a great trip! I had to look up "black pudding" as Mama didn't know what it was either. Blood sausage? Maybe it's a good thing they left it out of the breakfast? The cathedral looks very beautiful... there must be lots to explore there! Too bad photographs are limited!