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Thursday, 7 June 2012

I got an award!

I have been given a blog award. Thank you to my baboon friend Kolo Martin who awarded it to me.  Now I have to do a couple of things.

First off I have to answer some questions about me.

My favourite number : I don't know if I have a favourite number. I used to think it was one, because I was the only dragon I knew, but then I got a brother and I liked two. Now I've got loads of brothers and cousins and friends so I think my favourite number is lots.

My favourite non-alcoholic drink :  I like root beer. It tastes funny, but it's nice funny.

Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter:  I used to do Facebook but it was silly and I spent all my time playing a silly game and then they tried to get me to pay for doing it so I gave up. Now I just do Twitter and that's good because I can talk to all my friends and relatives.

My passion:  Lots of things are good and lots of things are important but I think my passion is my Mummy because she's good and important to me.

 My favourite pattern: I think my bestest pattern is one on my bestest shirt that has people all over it and they are plush people and they are all smiling.  I think smiles are my favourite pattern.

My favourite day of the week: My favourite day of the week is today, becasue I don't have to wait for it.

My favourite flowers: I like all kinds of flowers. I helped Mummy to plant some purple pansies in a hanging basket when I was first adopted so I always like those.

Now is the tricky bit. I have to pass on the award to 10 other bloggers.  That's going to be difficult to choose. I won't put them in any special order except for the first one. My cousin Mitch has just set up a blog to raise money to help animals that are used in laboratories. He is supporting a charity that finds ways to do science without needing animals. I'd like to help him tell more people about it.

I have to include my Wonderbunny Pink Bunny's Blog
Then there's the adventurous Berkeley Bear
And I mustn't forget the clever Oma's Patch.
And you'll love to hear about Sullivan Mc Pig's travels

You'll like Hammie Hamster too. He speaks two languages. (He calls two 'twee')
And if you don't know Dilly Dwagon you really should
And Buttons - just Because!
If you like food you'll love Auntie Anne
And you should meet Marlowe too.


  1. Thanks Eldritch!
    You are such a sweet dragon and wonderful friend.
    Do I have to answer the same questions?

  2. Oh purple pansies are lovely do you like snap dragons Eldritch? @hi_im_monkey sent me snap dragons about 10 years ago they are still blooming in my roof garden they are lovely!