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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ruthie and the sculptures

You all know that we have Ruthie staying with us don't you? She's going to come to Wales with us next month but we're showing her some good stuff round home too. Every year we go to a place called Lester Botany Gardens, but they spell it Leicester Botanic, to see some sculpture stuff and we like looking at them because they are art but there are pretty flowers and trees and stuff too.

Most of this year's sculptures were really big so it was hard to get pictures of them but we found one that looked a bit like a piece of origami but was made out of stone. We got chance to have a good look at it up close.

They give you a map of the gardens so you make sure you see all of the sculptures and we stopped half way to check where we were. It was good fun.

There's a website where you can look it all up if yo like.


  1. Wow cool place Eldritch I'll have to come up your way some time and have a look around!

  2. Those are sure beary nice sculptures!