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Saturday, 29 October 2011

A day in London

We have been in London today on a long weekend and we have been to see lots of stuff. We took Dewi and Dexter to see the Queen but she wasn't home so we just looked at her house instead.
While we were there we met these two people called Jean and Dave who were visiting the queen's house too. It was good to see them.

Then we went shopping and found these wonderful carved pumpkins in a shop window called Fortnum's. Mummy said we can't afford to shop there - only look in the windows.
Mummy has made Dewi a new jacket to go with the t-shirt that Bamburgh gave him. It's a really smart jacket and has pointy collars so that it looks like a vampire coat. It's really good for Hallo Ian.

We went to see VandA again too. It's a good place for dragons because there are lots there.

Back at the hotel we had a Hallo Ian treat. They look like witches' fingers but they're biscuits really.

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  1. You are eating fingers???!?!?!?!????

    That is so funny! It's a good idea to make cookies like that!