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Sunday, 8 August 2010

We went to a toilet museum!

We went out yesterday to go to the diner but we got there early and so we had to go and have a look round the town. Mummy said we had to do history and we were a bit upset till we found out it was the history of toilets! They used to make them near where the diner is. Whoever knew that?
They made them in these funny looking buildings that are made out of bricks but are cone shaped and the museum is inside one of them.

They made all sorts of other things in the cone building too. We found this HUGE stripy teapot but there wasn't any tea in it.


  1. that's a pawsome teapot. You have such interesting outings.

  2. Who ever would have thought that there was a museum of toilets? With tea pots in it?

    Looks like you had a good time - did you get a cup of tea somewhere else if there was none in that pot?

  3. Hey dats great a toliest meu, I would luv dat !!!Thats a great teapot 2 bad der wuz no Tea N der xxxx

  4. I live in the same state as the Kohler Company. They're a popular manufacturer of toilets here in the US. You can tour the plant and see how they're made!