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Friday, 20 August 2010

Dressing up

I've not written in my blog lately so I thought I would spend some time on it while it's raining outside. It looks like the sun is going to come out later though so I can go out and play when the ground is dry. Having plush so close to the floor and a draggy tail is complicated when it rains. I get very soggy!

So anyway. I thought I would tell you about dressing up. Me and my brother and my friends and my cousins do it a lot. Mummy makes us great costumes for when we have parties or if there is a special day liker Easter or Hallo Ian.

One year at Hallo Ian me and Bamburgh dressed up as wizards. I was Hairy Porter and he was Rincewind. Moo came as a mummy. Not MY mummy - the bandagey kind.

We have done all kinds of costumes for birthday parties. There was once when we dressed up like Robin Hood and his merry men and went to Sherwood forest and saw the big tree and everything and had a picnic in the woods. We even wore Robin Hood hats once to watch it on TV!

We like the Pirate films with Captain Jack in them and so one year we did a pirates party and mummy made us proper costumes with frills on and stuff and I had an earring in my ear and we both had swords but they were pretend ones so we wouldn't hurt each other.

When we went to Scotland mummy made us tartan skirts to wear. She said they were called kilts but they looked like skirts and she said it was OK for boy dragons to wear them. Moo had one as well so we figured it was alright because he isn't a girly kind of cow.


  1. Lovely outfits - I think the kilts are particularly fetching. Melody and Dougal (plush Rabbits) had kilts and tartan scarves for their recent trip to Scotland and loved them. Having a kilt that tones so well with your plush is good. Perhaps you need a raincoat so that you can go and play in the rain...???

  2. Your Mom makes you your costumes?! How cool! My mom buys me costumes, so I guess that's still cool-- but handmade clothes are always the best!

  3. You're very lucky to have a mom who makes you stuff. She does great work!

  4. Ohhhh that looks like so much fun, I love dressing up, you have got some great dressing up gear.