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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Weekend stuff

We didn't have any plans for this weekend but we had lots of fun anyway. First of all we went shopping with mummy and Unclclcelcle Kevin and there was this huge shopping place in Lester and there was this exhibition thing with big models of bugs. They were very clever and they moved and this big locust thingy started to take off and spread its wings out but it was a bit scary.

When we got home mummy said we needed some new clothes for our holidays. I've already had a new mushroomy shirt and a waistcoat but Bamburgh hadn't had anyting new for AGES and he really likes clothes. Mummy made him a really smart new shirt with cars and lorries and things on. He likes it a lot. But he says he needs a new waistcoat to go with it now!

She made Roly a whole new outfit because so far he's only had other people's old clothes and one new waistcoat. I think he looks really smart and grown-up.

Then this morning when we got up we went out into the garden because it was sunny and mummy was hanging washing out and we went to check on our pumpkin plants and guess what? We got one! It's still little and mummy says it'll be ages before it grows big enough to make a Hallo Ian lantern out of it. But we're dead excited about it!


  1. Wow! That is a beautiful looking pumpkin and there is lots of time yet til you need to be carving it. You all look lovely in your new designer gear by the way.

  2. I'm usually not afraid of bugs, but that big guy is really creepy!!

  3. That giant bug is something else. He looks scary just from the photo.

    Congratulations on your new clothes AND on your pumpkin!

  4. What a fantastic exhibition you live in the coolest places Eldritch! Your new clothes look awesome as well all the family are so well dressed!