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Sunday, 5 December 2010

When's Sandra coming?

Mummy says Yule is coming and we do Yule as well as Christmas and that means we get to have two lots of presents AND a advent calendar. That helps us to count down till Sandra Claws comes.

Unclclclel Kevin got us ones with chocolate in. Bamburgh and me are sharing the Thomas the Tank Engine one. Bamburgh likes Thomas.

Moo and his brothers are sharing the Toy Story one. Moo likes Toy Story. They don't argue over who gets the chocolate. They all have a suck.


  1. Hope you guys are being good for Sandra Claws.

  2. I like Thomas too. I wish I could have some of the trains!

  3. Wow - chocolate and Thomas - what more could you ask for? Yum! I can't have chocolate this year so we have words for the day. Today's word is "lissome" and I have now used it!!

  4. Yes Unclclcle Kevin we are all being good.

    Hello Marlowe. Maybe you will get a train set for Christmas.

    Hello Alix. Why can you not have chocolate? That's not nice. Not even special diabetical chocolate like mummy has?

  5. I am losing weight and will be eating plenty of chocolate over the holiday period but I don't need it now so we decided to have words instead. Now a chocolate train set...???