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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Chocolate Christmas stuff!

Look what we got. You can tell it's Christmas because there's all sorts of good stuff about.

The box had all sorts of odd things in it so we had to read the instructions to find out what to do with them all.

There was a bag of chocolate buttons and Moo said we should eat them but the instructions said melt them and pour it into the plastic thing.

When the chocolate set it came out in Christmas shapes and then I had to decorate them with the tube of red stuff and the silver balls.

The others let me do the decorating because I'm the arty one. Well I do lots of painting and stuff so they said I wouldn't make so much mess. And I think Moo was too busy eating the leftover chocolate!

After they were finished we put them in little bags and hung them on the tree. This is a cross-eyed reindeer!


  1. They look fab - and edible too! What more could you want at Christmas???? Hope you all have a good one!



  2. Hello Eldritch, you sure received some fun things for Christmas. I hope you're having a nice December.