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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Mercy mission

Mummy heard that a local hospital was recruiting teddy bears and so Blue and Little Ted went off to find out what it was all about. When Blue came back he was on his own and he said that Little Ted had been given a very important job and was staying at the hospital.
So I asked Blue what it was about and he said he wanted to talk to all the little guys because there was something special that they could do. They could all be Special Memory Bears. He said the hospital people said he was too big for the job but Little Ted was just right. So he called all the little teds together and explained.

Sometimes when human people have babies their babies aren't very well and they don't get to keep them for long. It makes the mummies very sad that their babies go to heaven and my mummy said she understood because she would be very upset if she couldn't keep us.

So the people at the hospital make up Memory Boxes that have a photo of the baby and hand and foot prints and a piece of their clothes and a special Teddy. And the box helps the mummies after their poorly babies go to Heaven. And that's what Little Ted had gone off to do.

I'm so proud because all of our little teds said that they wanted to be Special Memory Bears and go off to the hospital to help the sad mummies. We'll miss them all but we know they are doing something REALLY IMPORTANT and everyone should help other people to feel better and we can be proud of them.

My mummy took all their photos so we won't forget them.

Our Brave Mercy Squad


  1. *sniffle* What a noble, brave bunch!

  2. That is very brave of them! I hope they can give some comfort to the Mommies who have lost their babies!

  3. *Sniff* Is it dusty in here? My eyes are leaking.

    What a wonderful thing for the teddies to do. They may be little teddies, but they have very big hearts. Your whole family does if they were willing to let the little teddies go.

  4. There are a lot of us plushies and it gets a bit crowded sometimes. We know that some have to move on - just the way that Mitch came to live with us because his old house was a bit overcrowded.

    The little teddies were really all Mitch's buddies and he'll miss them too but he knows how exciting it can be to have a new home where you're loved a lot.

  5. I am sure little teddies will help to the porr humans. hugs

  6. Oh my goodness you brave guys have brought tears to my eyes. What wonderful teddies to do such a big important job.

  7. I have a friend who recently lost a baby. She has a box like that sitting on their fireplace mantle. It's great heroic work Teddies! Yippee for you!!!!

  8. Thank you everyone. And special thank you to Mrs TracyC because it is good to know that our teddies will really be helping people. It is very sad that your friend's baby couldn't stay though. Please give her a hug from us.

  9. Oh dat is great, I nos da teddy bears will help an make people smile HUGSxxxxx

  10. Wow, what a great bunch of heroes. It is so meaningful to the mommies get love and hugs. You guys are wonderful!
    ~Naner Lady

  11. ohhhh I wonder if some of the little teddies that stay upstairs might want to go and do that...

    I think I will run upstairs and ask!

    such a wonderful idea.....