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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Five questions

My friend @blindmaximus posted some questions on his blog and asked people to answer them. It's part of a game that @kolo-martin is playing and you're supposed to answer the questions then set five of your own that five other people have to answer. But I like Maximus's way of doing it so I'm just going to post mine here and let people do it if they want to.

The five I have to answer:

1) How did you get your name?
Don't know. It's just my name. It means sort of secret and hidden and it's a bit magical and I'm a dragon so it suits me.

2) How do you feel about baths?
I don't like them much but sometimes I have to have one because my muzzle gets mucky.

3) What is your favorite food?
Well pizza's good. and hot dogs. And we like nunnion rings and really anything that we can get from our favourite diner though we like picnics and barbecue and stuff when we're camping too. And ice cream.

4) If you could have any animal sibling, what would you pick?
Well I've got cow cousins and they're pretty cool.

5) On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "roses" and 10 being "kill you dead" how bad do your farts stink?

I'm a dragon! 15!! LOL

And five more:
1) How old are you (in human years)?

2) If you could go anywhere in the world that you've never been where would you go?

3) What's your favourite thing on TV?

4) Food or sleep?

5) Do you have any lucky charms, and if so, what are they?


  1. Eldritch, I love your answers, especially to question 5! But you didn't pick anyone to answer your questions.

  2. Hello Pumpkinpuddy. It's for anyone who wants to play. I don't mind who answers them!

  3. I don't have a blog yet so I thought I would answer your questions here - I hope that's OK?

    1 40 (Not sure how that happened but there you go...)
    2 New Zealand - all of it.
    3 The West Wing and Outnumbered
    4 Sleep - at least 9 hours please
    5 My teddy (mouse actually) who has been with me for 38 and a half years. Now he has some stories to tell....


    1 Hot chocolate or ice cream?
    2 Tea or coffee?
    3 Red or white?
    4 Roast or mash?
    5 Train or plane?

    Please feel free to delete if you don't want these in your comments!

  4. I love your answers Eldritch its nice to find out more about my friends!

  5. Hallo Alix

    Of course you can put your questions here. I hope you get some answers.

    Hi Kolo. Will you answer my questions too? It would be fun to find out what you think.

  6. For Alix:
    1 Can I have both please?
    2 Tea (except sometimes on holiday)
    3 Red (because I am)
    4 Bangers and mash are good!
    5 Trains are fun but planes go to more exciting places. So. If I'm allowed to get off at teh other end I'll take the plane but if it's just for a ride I'll go on the train.

  7. Of course you can have both - a dragon like you deserves it!!! I like the ice cream that you pour hot coffee over so maybe you could pour hot choc over lovely ice cream...?